Get your international shipping rate now.

Get your international shipping rate now.

Shipping Worldwide from USA • Sea, Air, Ground • Customs and Tax formalities • Warehousing Facilities • Accurate Rates and Tracking
or call us at 888-270-6257 (toll free)
or call us at 888-270-6257
(toll free)

Transport and logistics solutions to address your business or personal needs.

Air Freight

Through our own offices and partners around the world, as well as our cooperation with leading cargo airlines, we process all transport and customs formalities. Everything related to airfreight in only one place.

Ocean Freight

Due to collaboration with large steamship lines, Van der Helm can offer competitive prices with the fastest transit times. The most effective transport options for you in compliance with current environmental policies.


Thanks to our cooperation with local partners, we have storage capacity and cross-dock facilities at several ports and airports. Our warehouses are tailored on your needs and suitable for every related service.

Service is our destination.

Founded in 1936, Van der Helm is a 4PL logistic service provider with a large group of customers and a limitless passion for transport and logistics.

We offer a complete package of logistics services, from consultancy to execution.
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How we can help you.

Tailored modes of transport, social and technical innovations, IT-tools, customs and tax formalities, more than 80 years of proven experience, all the skills you're looking for in the field of logistics and transports.
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Best shipping solutions

Our job is to keep products and business moving from USA to the world.

Best customer care

We have a long-lasting relationship with our customers and that is what we aim to achieve working together.

Best insurance providers

Freight insurance policies based on your individual needs.
Our mission is to get you covered.
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